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Friday, April 2, 2010

Is There Any News That's Not Racing?

I think I might know what’s wrong in the world. No I’m not talking about the United States move towards Marxist Socialism, nor the lack of our current population’s grasp of the history of what made our country the greatest in the history of the world. No, I’m just talking about our little world of ATVs!

I’ve tried to put together a latest news section on the website and as a “Latest News Blog” that would keep everyone informed of, well, the latest news! Unfortunately I seem to have a bit of a problem finding any latest news in our industry that is not racing, or racing-product related.

You want to know who won the latest GNCC race? All the leading ATV manufacturers send out a press release. Want to know who won the latest round in any UTV racing series? Yeap, the manufacturers send that out too. How about the latest silicon-injected, all aluminum, computer-actuated performance enhancer? It’s there too.

But want to find out about any new trails just opened, cool stuff we need for trail exploring like new boxes or bags, new maps, guidebooks, GPS, software, or just about anything of value to us ‘regular’ trail riders? Well, forgetaboutit!

I’m bummed. Actually more than bummed, I’m irritated. Irritated enough that I’m going on a mission to look to find new stuff that we want to know about.

I wonder why all these ATV companies that sell so many ATVs to us to use to explore the back country on, or hunt with, or farm with, or use on our ranch or jobsite, can't find any news that we would like to read? Why aren't there new products that we would like to know about? Why aren't there any news updates on trails closures, or better yet, openings that we should know about?

I'll be contacting all the manufacturers letting them know that we want to know of this kind of new stuff. 

In the meantime, if you’re reading this and you know of something that you think we should know about, e-mail me and let me know about it.

There’s enough promotion of racing and performance, let’s start promoting recreation and exploration, camping and traveling.

Got any suggestions? E-mail me at


  1. You would think that the ATV magazines would try and find out why their readership has gone down the toilet.

    They don't even make good potty reading material anymore, nothing interesting between the front and rear covers.

    But then I'm only one ex-subscriber.

  2. Doug,

    Cool stuff is taking my wife, 5 year old son and 10 year old daughter on a leisurely paced trail ride along the Bears Ears and Elk Ridge in San Juan County, Utah. We go where I have fond memories of traveling as a child with my Dad and brothers to cut fire wood.

    Here in Tooele, UT we have a successful ATV dealership that likes to sell just about any type of ATV, UTV or motorcycle. What we can't get from them is where are the best places to ride, what trips are most suitable for family rides and what products would help us to make a memorable trail ride even better. In fact, I don't think there is a sales dealership that actually places any emphasis on post sales information (i.e. where are the best places to ride, ATV events, best products etc.)

    I'm with you, I'd like to see new products that can make a difference on the quality of a trail ride, trails that are safe, scenic and not too far from home.

    Keep up the good work, our family love's and can't wait to see future episodes.



  3. Doug

    You have the perfect forum here; I’m sure there is enough experience from your readers to come up with reviews for ATV stuff. Go to Rocky Mountain ATV, Cabela’s or to most any other web site to find reviews that people just like us has posted, now I know many of the reviews really lack the detail that would be most helpful in making a decision on ATV stuff. However, if properly presented a review from your readers would be an excellent way of sharing information.
    Simply put, have reviews online with a description of the product, ease of use, functionality, durability and how satisfied the author is with the product, also have pictures included as the reader can see the product in use.
    Just an ideal.