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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogs and News and Info - Oh my!

Blogs are everywhere nowadays, and that's just on the ATV Television site!

If you visit our website I'm probably telling you something you've already noticed, but I'm not gonna let that get in the way of me continuing on — we've got new blogs!

Here's what's going on - or so I think.

The ATV Television site will continue to be the mother ship for all things ATV Television. All our videos will be there. All the Latest News we put up will be there. Pretty much everything as you've know it for years.


We needed a place where I can be less, ah, 'politically correct' and just be myself, so-to-speak. Someplace where I can unload, step over the line occasionally, and perhaps earn your hatred (or respect;-) I'll apologize now for everything that doesn't work like I hoped and hope the rest of you find it entertaining.

The blog for ATVTV Latest News is simply another avenue to get the latest news out to you as fast and as easy for you as possible. By subscribing to our Latest News, you can have it installed right on your front page and see it right as we put it up.

Of course because all Blogs work this way you can also subscribe to the ATV Television Blog and the Paiute Trail News.

And that brings us to The Paiute Trail News. We just added this blog (to our blog collection) as a way to get more information out about one of our favorite riding areas, and one we hope to spend an overwhelming amount of time on this summer. In these strange times I've made the decision to spend more time riding this summer. I know many of you think I spend too much time riding already, but those that know me well know that I spend far more time on a computer than I do on an ATV. And now, with the industry rather slow it gives me the time to do this that I've always lacked (of course that comes with a lack of money I've always feared). Money is a good thing, but it can't buy you time.

We have plans to put together a forum for the trail where we can all share our experiences as well as (during prime riding times) the trail conditions. Plus, as some go to the forum to show us the new trails they've ridden and shown us the pictures they've taken, we can then put those trails on our list of trails to do.

But until then we'll use the Paiute Trail News as a way to get inside information out about the trail.

The Paiute Trail News may also be a way to share some additional information I come across as I continue working on the different trails for an up-coming Paiute Trail Guide.

But I get ahead of things here. Just stay tuned and hopefully something of value will follow...

1 comment:

  1. We meet again.

    “Politically correct”, who was the idiot that ever came up with that term any way?? It’s how “I” feel and how “you” whether someone likes it or not, if they don’t then they’re the one with the problem and not you or me. And you’re going to have to work a lot harder than you are if you think you’re going to offend me. (just don’t pick on my choice of ATV and I’ll be OK)

    I really like the idea of this being the “one-stop information” site for the Paiute Trail, after all who knows it better than you (except me of course lol).

    “In these strange times I've made the decision to spend more time riding this summer.”

    I think I’ll save that topic for another day, you know that I’m sitting here with a big devious smile on my face.

    I look forward to the addition of your new forum; in fact I look forward to every visit.