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Friday, March 26, 2010

Watch a Video - Shop at Amazon

Shop at Amazon - watch a new video!

I hate to even get into this but in case you didn’t know it fewer people are buying new ATVs right now. We have a lot of people to thank for this including a whole slew of folks that overextended themselves. I know of way too many people in Southern California that actually refinanced their already over-leveraged homes so they could buy $70,000.00 dune buggies and toyhouse trailers! Of course the Communist residing in the White House doesn’t seem to be helping the situation much either. But whatever the case, we’re where we are so we’ll deal with it!

The ATV industry is currently only selling about 30% of the units that they sold back in 2007 and 2008. That means that their income is down considerably, and we all know what happens when your income is down, you cut back on your spending!

I’ve lost a lot of good friends in the industry due to the cutbacks and it’s really a sad thing to see. Several big-name magazines have closed their doors. Even some websites have curtailed their operations due to the cutbacks in the industry’s advertising budgets. Basically the bottom line to all this is that if only a few people are buying new machines, why spend any ad dollars to promote sales, or even PR dollars for that matter to send out any units to test.

And this is where we too become victims of this downturn in the economy. For over 10 years our television programming has been supported by the big players in the industry – the ATV manufacturers. Their support of our television show is also what funded making all our videos available on our website and You Tube Channels. Now with the huge budget cuts in the industry we struggle to make the proverbial ends meet.

Enter the new look of the website, You Tube Channel, and even the blog. After many years of working so hard to keep our Internet content free from outside advertisers, we have finally opened our doors to their access.

So first off, please bear with us if some less-than-desirable ads sneak through. Although we (think we) have pretty good control over the advertising, because it is so new to us we still worry what might happen ;-)

Secondly, and hopefully more important is the fact that all our Internet advertising is based directly on your response to it. That means it is beneficial to us if you browse the advertising you find on our site. Not to mention that it’s a good way to find out what’s out there!

Thirdly, as part of a new type of promotional advertising we have entered into an associate agreement with What this means is that any time anyone purchases anything (and that is truly anything at all!) from Amazon that is accessed through our website, we get a small cut. So any time you shop for any products on Amazon through our website you are helping to keep our videos coming. (and our groceries too!)

Thanks my friends -
Your support is greatly appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Doug, the ads are a welcome addition and I will check them out on a regular basis.

    I get to come here for FREE along with your atvtv website and I enjoy both.

    I get to watch over 300 videos that cover some of the best ATV trails and rides there are and enjoy your great product reviews.

    I checked out a couple of ads and found a GREAT deal on winches, I'll make it a habit that every time I visit to check a few of the ads out, you never know what you'll find.

    Once again Doug, thanks.