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Monday, April 5, 2010

I Have Met the Enemy and He is Us

A quote from Pogo, "I have met the enemy and he is us!"

If we are to survive we must prepare for battle, and the first step is to know your enemy. Unfortunately oftentimes the most harm done can come from within.

What if Dana Walsh had been uncovered as an inside operative 2 episodes ago and dealt with accordingly? Would we even have had the next two episodes of 24?

What if we could stop the idiots that are riding their off road vehicles irresponsibly and recklessly before they give the extreme environmentalists cause to close our trails? Wouldn't the lack of their 'irresponsible freedom' be a gain for those of us that know how to tread lightly?

The answer? Get involved!

Here's the links to just a couple recent articles I came across in USA Today:
Off-roaders in search of trails
ATV drivers invade, damage roadless forests

And here's the link(s) to some organizations to link to, follow, be educated by, and donate to:
Blue Ribbon Coalition
National Off-Highway vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC)
Tread Lightly

And know thy enemy:
Responsible Trails

And the bigger enemy:
Sierra Club

I could go on but that's enough links to check out.

My point in all this. Those that want to close down our trails into this country's beautiful back country would have no ammunition if we didn't give it to them.

Please stay on the designated trails.
Ride slowly and respectfully around others.
Ride quietly.
Leave the area you ride in better than when you ride in.
And don't be afraid to tell others when they don't.
It may be you last chance to say 'anything'.

Please help spread the word.

Ride like you want to keep it.
Ride responsibly my friends.


  1. A quote from Pogo, "I have met the enemy and he is us!"

    No kidding. The idiots who think that they can make their own trail, ride around gates and closed trail signs are a HUGE problem and don't even get me started on the litter bugs (I'm being "politically correct" and curbing my language because this is a family blog).

    You're right Doug;


    Stay on the designated trails.
    Ride slowly and respectfully around others.
    Ride quietly.
    Leave the area you ride in better than when you ride in.
    And don't be afraid to tell others when they don't.
    It may be your last chance to say 'anything'.

    Ride responsible and Tread Lightly.

  2. Hello Doug
    I find it sad that just a few ruin it for everyone else.
    Here at the resort we are having a great year. We have a lot of guests that bring their entire family. They all ride quiet ATVs, wear the appropriate riding apparel and are very courteous.
    The family cooks outdoors, builds a small camp fire and roast marshmallows, it’s really is quite enjoyable.
    BUT THEM the jerk group arrives. Loud obnoxious machines, rowdy kids that literally tear up our FREE game room and think they need to play that loud thump music all night long.
    They argue when asked to shut down the music that is ruining the nice star filled skies for everyone else. They argue when told that their dogs need to either stay inside their 'RV of be on a leash, no acceptations.
    These are the "beer" people, and I am not profiling, they just happen to fit that profile.
    The loud, obnoxious beer drinking people who think everything is for them and they have no respect for others.
    These are the folks that I wish would go away. These are the folks who ride aggressive, damage and littler our trails. I pick up more Budweiser cans than everything else combined.
    I know there are some great folks who drink and I invite you to come down, ride the trails and join me for a toddie.

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