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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Arctic Cat New Model Introduction – What I Hope to See:

Arctic Cat has invited a group of media reps to Texas to look at and ride some all-new models being introduced for 2011!

Yippee I’m going, and here’s what I hope I see:

First and foremost I hope we see an all-new Prowler. Or maybe we should call it the ThunderCat  Side by Side. Built from the Thundercat it would be a 50” wide, 1000cc, all independent UTV. Although you’ll first think I’m thinking about an Arctic Cat RZR, think again. The Arctic Cat would be built to be the ultimate trail machine. The 1000cc engine would be detuned for more torque. The transmission would be an industry first centrifugal clutch. The rear would be a nice metal cage-rack system and another smaller rack system at the front. It would come with a spare tire, a large fuel tank, and a low, narrow cage to fit better under and around the trees. It would retain the great AC suspension but also come standard with a great set of radials – maybe the Carlisle ACT HDs!

Years ago we tested an amazing little Arctic Cat that I fell in love with – a 250CC 4x4. It was a small, Recon-sized ATV with 4 wheel drive. It was so nimble and competent and yet so manageable it was amazing….. So, that what I hope to see, a small 4wd ATV. Simple. Basic. Inexpensive. Competent. And fun! And hopefully it would come with a $3995.00 price tag.

I’d also love to see some sport versions of the Cruiser 550 and 700 ATVs. Now when I say ‘sport’, what I mean is really, an ATV set up ‘ready to use’! Better shocks. Good radial tires. A winch, heated grips, and good, sturdy cargo boxes front and rear. Maybe even with a set of RotopaX fuel packs attached…..

We’ll see just how close I get. If my wishes and hopes for Arctic Cat are no closer than my wishes and hopes for Polaris I’ll be 0 for 3! Oh well they’re loss.

And here I was going to help them rule the world.

Maybe another day………

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  1. Oh wow! I am really dreaming to have this motorcycle, thanks for sharing your knowledge about Arctic ATV.