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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Test Updates

Ranger EV -

And it handled quite well!
We are absolutely amazed at how well the new EV is working around our place. We're preparing the video  that will show the EV hauling firewood and towing the rough cut mower to have up hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

It never ceases to amaze us the smiles the EV puts on other's faces. Quite, powerful. Of course we still struggle with really testing it's full potential as a trail machine as we can't find the right can to carry the spare volts with us. Or is that watts? Whatever.


Kawasaki may not endorse this but the Mule moves
 this around my ranch without a problem
We are also getting our diesel Mule test ready, but since the EV's been here we've used the Mule less than before. Suddenly a diesel really seems noisy and smelly. But of course, nothing else sitting around the shop can haul and tow like this thing.


Now that we have the 2011 RZR test completed we can get started on the modifications we plan to make to it to make it the Ultimate Trail Machine! The pile of parts is growing. Some decisions are easy, some much harder.
One of the first things I do is remove all them danged stickers!
 We have the HCR skid plates and kick panels.
 We've got our KFI winch.
 We've got our RyFab cargo box.
 Although we've got a couple RotopaX fuel and storage packs, we're still figuring out if want to mount them a little different this time.
 We're also trying to decide whether to mount the long travel, extended length Works shocks or try the air shocks from Legend Air. I can't seem to get past the thought that as you lift it that it will also be stiffer.
 Also, ATR makes a pretty cool kit that includes a lift kit, strengthening tubes and Fox shocks that looks like it might be the answer.
 Then there's the tires and wheels. We ordered the Blue and White edition so that we had nicer-looking 12" wheels that will still be 50". Now what tires. We also still have our 14" High Lifter wheels with the Goodyear MTR's that I really liked on the last RZR we fixed up.
 And the cage! I've love to put on a lower-profile, better-looking cage, but wonder if it's really worth the effort.
 We plan to remove the front sway bars as before, and either loosen or remove the rear as well.
 Bolt in the GPS
 Bolt on some additional lighting front and rear.

Some RZRs seem to work just fine, but most need an air filter upgrade to be sure the inners stay clean. So we have that to do - no matter what!

Wow, all of a sudden it looks like a lot of work! Maybe I should just put some miles on it stock ;-)

Suzuki King Quad 750 EPS -

Still looking for the perfect box!
One of my favorite ATVs, and one I always want sitting around here to measure other ATVs against. It's coming along well as a project simply because it's easy to get trail-ready.
 Carlisle ACTs mounted on the stock wheels
 A pair of RotopaX one gallon fuel packs mounted on the rear rack.
 Have a bag on now but still looking for the right box.
 The GPS mount was easy.
 Still need to mount the winch.

RZR 4 -

What can be said?
Just hit over 500 miles on our RZR 4 and getting ready to send it back. Not sure we're real happy with some of the noises it's making. It sure handles great, but sure is big when you don't need all that seating space.

We're replacing it with a new Ranger 500EFI crew. I enjoyed putting miles on one at the new model intro in Montana and for how I explore the trails with three other people onboard, I think it will work better than the RZR 4. Certainly smaller feeling.

We'll see.

Teryx -

The Teryx never once let us down - even in severe conditions
The Teryx just continues to do everything it's asked. It is the most trusted trail rig when we ride where there are no 50" trails to worry about. It's towed a trailer up to 10,000 feet to haul down loaded (both the Teryx's bed and the trailer) with firewood.

I wish it were a little quieter. I wish it had a hand-actuated parking brake, and I wish it had an automatic-clutch, manual transmission. But that is most likely asking too much:-)

I guess wishing it were 50" wide would be too much too?

It still is what sits right outside my office door, but then I don't have an electrical plug that close.

Brute Force -

The Goodyear MTRs work great but the wider fronts
make the non-power steering harder to steer!
After burying it in the mud within the first 25 miles of use, it has forgiven me and continues to be at the ready when needed to explore the 50" trails. Ran the Goodyear MTRs on it for a while but being so used to power steering on the other ATVs we put the stock tires back on to ease the steering. I guess I should have put on the ACTs as nobody likes the stock tires much.

Hopefully we have some more 2011s on the way as my favorite time to put the miles on are in October and November!


  1. This is work! Serious work. People depend on this information. It must be done. Playing on the other hand is when you have fun. There's carefree enjoyment.

    For example;
    Picture 1 - It was fun riding up the mountain and getting wood. It was work to have to take pictures, write about it, post this, etc.
    Picture 2 - That was all work. There is no fun in moving hay around for Llamas and Alpacas. Plus I had to take the picture, write, post, etc. again.
    Picture 3 - Removing decals is work because the whole time you're wondering what idiot did they put them on there for anyway.
    Picture 4 - Work. Certainly not riding.
    Picture 5 - Actually that might have been fun, but once again had to take the picture, post, write, and of course worry about getting back home.
    Picture 6 - Mostly fun.
    Picture 7 - Really fun.

    Hopefully that helps you realize that it's not all fun and games around here.

    Plus I had to take the time to explain the differences between work and play. That was work. And I could have been out having fun ;-)

  2. I'm glad to see that you got all the work done there now that you have new toys.

    I can see a couple of those that I'd like to put some miles on. Do you deliver??

    I'll even write a full report and take pictures too.

  3. Doug
    I’m more curious about what you are doing to the Suzuki KingQuad as I have a 700 KQ and so I want to compare notes.
    Let me describe my ride so you will have a good idea what I’m comparing to.
    Winch: Mile Marker 2500 with synthetic rope (wire cable has too many disadvantages)
    GPS: Magellan Trtion1500, mounted on the side of the center pod head light.
    Trunk: I started out with a soft bag but found too many issues with dirt and water to use, so I went to a hard trunk Tusk MTR trunk, the overhang off the is not very desirable and the seal needed work to use, but other than that the trunk has been very sturdy.
    Fuel Storage: RotopaX single two gallon fuel tank mounted on the side of the MTR trunk, fit is very good.
    Tires: Stock tire were crap (my opinion) and replaced with Kendra Bounty Hunter 25” tires on stock rims.
    Future items include ELKA suspension utility package, Terracross tires (possibly moving to 14 “ rims with 26 “ tires).
    When you get the KQ done I’ll be curious to see how it turns out.

  4. It looks like you got a good ride.... Once you get those shocks on it'll be darn near perfect! We're putting on a KFI 2500 (I think that 2500 pounds is the perfect size) with synthetic cable. I don't know why winches even come with steel cable anymore ;-) We found a pretty god rear box by QuadBoss, but without mounting our fuel packs too far rearward, the box covers the fuel cap! Not sure I like the stiffness and heaviness(?) of 14" wheels, but we have a set sitting here I might try and see how they work with the EPS. I haven't found any wheel better than the stockers - light and they stay under the fenders.

    The new dilemma I (re)discovered is the size of the front rack and the silly rear loop that limits what you put on it.