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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Polaris to Make ATVs in MEXICO!!!!!

What the Hey!?!

Whether you love Polaris machines or hate them, you got to give them credit for being true blue! They are an American company, and their machines are designed by Americans and built by Americans.

Oh wait, I’m wrong! Polaris’ are not made in America! While that statement isn’t true yet, it looks like it’s going to be real soon.

Yes, that’s right. Check out the Latest News on our Blog or on our website for more information that Polaris is closing down their manufacturing plant right here in the good ‘ol U.S. of A. and moving ATV and UTV manufacturing to Mexico! MEXICO! Maybe that’s Polaris’ way of fighting illegal immigration;-)

They say it is for financial reasons! Whatever their reasoning it is indeed both perplexing and maddening! While the Japanese are going to great lengths to build their machines on our soil and by our citizens, Polaris leaves the country? And at this time?

The ATV business is bad, but in case you didn’t notice the whole economy is bad! But it sure ain’t going to get any better with one of our own shutting down a plant, laying off American workers and moving out of our country.

Where does Polaris think their success came from? Do they really think they build better machines, or do they simply build good machines that are proudly bought because they are “American Made?” While Polaris has a very devoted following, I think the vast majority of Polaris owners bought their Polaris ATVs because they are made right here in the U.S.A!

At least most of the Polaris owners I talk to are proud of the fact that their machines are made right here in America!

I’ve seen this argument many times with Americans getting vehemently angry over people buying a Japanese vehicle and sending their money overseas. My answer is this; Who do you care about, all the people working on the assembly line, or the corporation? I say I want Americans to benefit, and that means the workers. I’d rather buy a vehicle made on our soil by our citizens first and foremost!

I’ll continue this rant when I have a more level head, but I just couldn’t contain myself.



  1. I hear you and agree whole heartedly!!

  2. I am with you on this.

  3. From the press release it sounds as if they will only be building certain components in their Mexico facility. I am right? But regardless, it is SAD to see them making this move. I have come to be a strong Polaris fan, but being "Made in the USA" is only a small part of this opinion. While this probably won't stop me from buying another Polaris, (the RZR 4, 2011 RMK) it sure won't improve their image in the ATV/UTV market.

  4. Wish I had of known this, I just bought one from them! I certainly would not have if I had known they were leaving.

  5. I don’t think Polaris thought this through; it’s never cheep to move a manufacturing facility to another country, now I’m sure there was some bean counter that was able to show on paper how moving production operations to another country would save money, the payout would be years away.
    There are so many other problems that arise from doing such a move to Mexico. For starters there is the border problem, getting supplies to and from Mexico will be a challenge with home land security and when the finish product is delivered to the USA there may be delays as to when the product finds its way to the showroom. I work for a company that has operations in Mexico and let me tell you there are numerous problems, for starters the work force is not a skilled work force and as such the quality of the product is going to suffer, also Mexico is unstable with all the drug lords and shooting’s (I know this as I have traveled to Mexico for business), this will put employees who have to travel to Mexico under great risk, all this for saving a buck, and finally the people of Mexico don’t ride this stuff, so the pride won’t be there, think about it.
    I think you will see Polaris in the news as the company will lose millions of dollars and it will be their own fault. Polaris needs to buck up and find ways to keep the manufacturing facilities here, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.


  6. so what would have you bought instead??

  7. Jeff, had you know that Polaris was moving its assembly line to Mexico what brand would have you bought instead??

  8. I am a first time buyer and was looking at polaris. I have seen the comapny's product on many hunting shows and just discovered your atv tv show and was thinking very highly of all the information you supply to the public.After look on you website and reading about polaris it does not make me happy. I live in az and well yes I have seen the distruction to our desert and wanted as much info on atv as possible. after finding out that polaris is moving to the country that caused this to my stop'm grounds I can honestly say I have changed my mind. I will not buy a polaris (my first atv) knowing it is no longer made in the USA. sorry polaris

  9. Jeff, so now what you going to look at??

  10. If I had to do it again, I would look at Polaris, even if the company wants to move to Mexico. I currently have a KingQuad 700 which is made in Japan; do I care if my ATV is made here, not really. However, what I do expect is a quality made ATV and the market if full of them. I think if you stay with the major brands you can't go wrong. My suggestion,; talk to owners of ATV's see what they are riding and if they will let you ride theirs. Check out your local dealer’s to test ride new ATV's, but look for the following.
    Comfortable seat (most important, a long day riding will wear on your butt) spend some time on this seat, even when the sales person is talking to you, get a feel for it.
    Controls laid out easy to use, keep in mind that there will be times when you need use the controls of the ATV and knowing where they are at and if they are easy to use, for example: Transmission select lever on some machines are located on the right side, think about were your right hand will be (on the throttle) and your left hand will have to reach over to the right side to use the transmission selector, not a classy move.
    Get a machine with a soft ride, pounding the trails my look cool in a stiff ride, but again after a long day of riding your body will feel it, also find machines with little vibration in the handle bars as your hands with feel numb after a long days ride.
    Get a quiet machine, two reasons: first most people don’t want to hear your obnoxious noise, and second, if you are trying to see wild life then a quiet machine is what you are going to need. Recommendations Honda and Suzuki. The V-Twin machines seem to be the noisiest like the Polaris, Arctic Cat and CamAm.
    Don't get hung up on speed and power, find the machine that best suits your riding style, if power and speed is what you are looking for, then buy a CanAm, Arctic Cat or Polaris. If you are looking for comfort then by a Honda, Polaris and Yamaha and if your budget requires you to be thrifty, then look at the Suzuki and Kawasaki.
    To select which ATV would be the one for me, would require me to test them all, hmmmm sounds like a day of fun to me.

  11. No jobs = no sales. Let polaris go to Mexico! And while they are there, let them sell their product to the Mexican's! Made in America can still mean something, but only when the consumer (you and I) stop walking into the sales floor of a company that put our fellow Americans in the soup line.

  12. Buy an Arctic Cat still made 100% in America as far as I know!!!!!

  13. You might want to check out our Blog from 2-24-11 on "Where ATVs Are Made?"

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  15. I had no idea, very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Moving your production facility to another country is a really big move for a company and I'm sure they thought it through Jason. I think that it must be to lower production costs. It wasn't too long ago that Mexico wasn't considered up to par with other countries when it came to manufacturing, but things have changed. I think this will help anyone looking for Polaris ATV parts in the future.

    Luke |